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Arthur Lawrence believes in galvanizing knowledge sharing, learning and change. Our technology and business consultants create, maintain and nurture communities of like-minded individuals with similar professional interests, from tech talent to finance and accounting experts and marketing consultants. These communities share their experiences and knowledge in creative ways that enable them to foster new approaches to problems.

Our community creators and managers offer intellectual and social leadership to the groups and individuals. These communities not merely promote the spread of best practices, they also help develop professionals’ skills, accelerate their career growth and enable companies to connect with and retain the right talent.

Our Capabilities

Enabling your business on the journey of digital transformation.

SAP Zilla

We create complete marketing collaterals while staying true to your brand identity.

People Soft

We identify unique components that add value to your brand and incorporate it into your key messaging.

Oracle Connections

We help you get a competitive edge by implementing industry specific, research driven initiatives.

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The 6 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry
No industry has been left untouched by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (“AI”). With so many sectors benefiting, it is hard to imagine not a single industry that has not seen improvements. Thanks to AI! When people think about artificial intelligence

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