Talent Acquisition
Achieves Business Purpose

With a mature repository of the world’s most skilled professionals in technology, project management, operations, business analysis, and more, we truly believe that exceptional value has a human face. Since 2003, Arthur Lawrence has been helping businesses achieve the perfect balance between talent and market opportunity.

Closing The Skill Gap

Businesses today don’t struggle with finding candidates, but in correctly identifying, assessing and managing them. Any mistake in the talent acquisition process is both expensive and risky.

Arthur Lawrence solves this problem with a mechanism that pairs recruitment technology and human skill.

Widening Talent Pool

Arthur Lawrence owns one of the largest candidate databases in the industry. With proactive recruitment techniques our talent acquisition team ensures that our candidate database succeeds in fulfilling client requirements in record time. We sustain our competitive edge by seeking existing and emergent skillsets, and by regularly replenishing candidate profiles.



Recruitment Technology

Our recruitment tools reduce placement costs by automating candidate profile retrieval, JD matching and more.

Candidate Management

We employ extensive background screenings, documentation, and other pre- and post- placement candidate assessments to maintain talent quality.

Specialized Staffing

Businesses struggling to find certified consultants and niche specialists benefit significantly from Arthur Lawrence’s custom staffing services.

Case studies

Year after year, Arthur Lawrence is recognized worldwide not only for business performance but also for inclusion and diversity.

case study img
Background checks and the recruiter’s dilemma.

Profile vetting is a critical part of human capital management. Then why are so many candidate gaps only discovered when it’s too late?

case study img
Choosing the right performance management tool.

With automation making a permanent move into the workplace, is performance management still relevant?


Media Highlights

Arthur Lawrence has been in the news (for the right reasons). Find out about our journey in supporting social enterprise, business transformation, technology 2.0 and more.

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Arthur Lawrence Celebrates Global Ethics Day 2019

As a consulting firm that offers solutions built on the intersection of management and technology, Arthur Lawrence frequently finds business ethics at the center of its internal discourse.

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Arthur Lawrence Wins Entrepreneur 360 Award 2019

In recognition for its robust structures, sound business practices and future-focused approach, Entrepreneur Magazine awarded Arthur Lawrence the Entrepreneur 360 Award 2019


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